Uses for Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a type of metal alloy that contains both carbon and iron. Depending upon the amount of carbon in the alloy, carbon steel comes in four grades: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, and ultra-high carbon steel. These variations have many uses across different industries that require heavy-duty metal material. Carbon steel can be used in aircraft construction, to create fences and gates, for automobile parts, in the structure of ships, to make tools, and to manufacture cast iron pots.

Sizes of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel also comes in a wide range of sizes. Our round carbon steel is available in multiple grades and sizes. The C1018 cold drawn carbon steel round comes in ?” – 24” (12’ and 20’ R/L). The 1144SR/1144SP is ¼” round – 4” round (12’ R/L). Click here for more information on C1018 cold drawn carbon steel.

We stock the 12L14 in ?” round – 9” round (12’ R/L). The 1215 comes in ¼” round – 7 ½” round (12’ R/L). Our 4140 cold finished annealed grade is available in ¼” round – 24” round (12’ and 20’ R/L). The 1045 TG&P round is ½” – 8” (20/24’ R/L). Finally, the 1045 cold finished comes in ½” round – 22” round (20/24’ R/L).

For square carbon steel, we offer a 1018 grade that comes in 1/8” – 6” (12’ R/L). Our carbon steel flats also come in the 1018 grade, and they have a thickness range of ?” – 5” and a width range of ¼” – 12” in 12’ R/L. Finally, we stock hexagon carbon steel in the 1018 grade, with a range of ¼” – 4” in 12’ R/L.

Types of Carbon Steel

Bergsen Metals has a full inventory of all types of carbon steel. ‘Stressproof’ and stress relieved carbon steel is completely resistant to stress, has minimal risk of becoming distorted, and is long lasting. Our ‘Stressproof’ and stress relieved carbon steel comes in a 1144 grade. (We can also offer alternative grades of stress relieved steels…please inquire).  To create stress relieved carbon steel, we utilize a heat treatment that decreases the amount of internal stress caused by the methods used to manufacture carbon steel.

Our full range of carbon grades include 1018, 1144 ‘Stressproof’ and stress relieved, 1045, 12L14, 1215, 1045 TGP (turned, ground and polished) and 8620. We also stock cold finished carbon steel, which comes in a grade of 1045. Our cold finished annealed carbon steel comes in grades of 4130 and 4140. Cold finished carbon steel is created through a cold rolling process, in which sheet steel is rolled at a very low temperature to increase strength. Cold rolled steel is often used for construction materials, cars, and appliances. Finally, our fatigue proof carbon steel is incredibly strong and resistant against wear and distortion, making it excellent for use in machines to prevent mechanical failure.

Carbon Steel Tolerances

Our carbon steel products also come in a wide variety of tolerances that vary based upon their size and type. View this chart to see the tolerances for all carbon steel options.

[Chart of carbon steel tolerances]

Meeting ASTM Standards

The American Society for Testing & Materials, or ASTM, is an international organization that develops and disseminates the technical standards for a wide range of products, materials, services, and systems. They operate using consensus from larger groups of members across the globe. While ASTM does not enforce their standards, the U.S. has adopted them for various regulations. All of our carbon steel products meet ASTM standards, meaning that they comply with government regulations. The chemicals on grades 1010-1215 meet ASTM-A-108, our stress relieved and stress proof carbon steel meets ASTM-A-311 Class B, and our fatigue proof carbon steel meets ASTM-A-108.

Product List:

High Carbon Steel
Medium Carcob Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Plain Carbon Steel
1018 Round Carbon Steel
1018 Square Carbon Steel
1018 Carbon Steel Flats
1018 Carbon Steel Hex
1144SR Round Carbon Steel
1144SP Carbon Steel
1144 Stressrelieved Carbon Steel
12L14 Round Carbon Steel
1215 Round Carbon Steel
4140 Cold Finished Annealed Carbon Steel
4140 Fatigue Proof Round Carbon Steel
1045 TGP (turned, ground, polished) Round Carbon Steel
1045 Cold Finished Round Carbon Steel
C1010 Strip Carbon Steel
8620 Carbon Steel


1045 turned ground polished carbon steel

1018 seven eights inch square carbon steel

1144 carbon steel one half inch round

1018 three fourths inch round carbon steel