Aircraft Alloys

At Bergsen Metals, we carry a wide variety of both aircraft alloys and super alloys.

  • One And Three Eights Inch 8740 Aircraft Alloy Steel
  • Seven Sixteenths Inch 8740 Aircraft Alloy Steel
  • Two And One Eights 8740 Aircraft Allow Steel
  • Seven Eights Inch 8740 Aircraft Alloy Steel

Types of Aircraft Alloys

Aircraft alloys are mixtures of different types of metal that are used to manufacture products in the industry of aerospace. We offer the following steel alloys:

4130 and 4130 Heat Treated Alloy Steel

4130 comes in both round and hexagon styles that can be cold finished, stress relieved, or heat treated. 4130 is widely used in aircraft construction because it is easy to weld and fabricate with only mild hardness.

4140 Annealed

4140 is an alloy that can be both annealed and normalized. The normalized type has greater hardness than the annealed. It is typically used for base plates, clamps, jigs, filler blocks, support plates, high-strength and structural pieces, gages, and brake dies.

4330 Alloy Steel

4330 is a steel alloy that can be heat treated to add strength and durability against fatigue. It is often used to make gears for aircraft landing and shafts or axles utilized in power transmission.

4340 Vac Melt Norm. Tempered and 4340 Norm./Temp. Alloy Steel

4340 comes in the round style, and it can be either vac melt normalized and tempered or normalized and tempered. It is very tough and maintains fatigue resistance while gaining strength when heat treated. It can be used for structural components of airplanes as well as landing gear and transmission shafts.

8740 Alloy Steel

8740 is an alloy that is extremely responsive to heat treatments used to harden the material. It has multiple uses in aircraft construction.

9310 Alloy Steel

9310 is low in carbon and high in alloy content, making it high in hardness as well as toughness and strength in the core section. It is ideal for creating aircraft components that need sections with a lot of weight.

52100 Alloy Steel

52100 is a low alloy steel that is high in carbon content and also contains chromium. It can be created using any method, and it is especially advantageous for bearings.

H-11 Alloy Steel

H-11 is a steel alloy with chromium that has a low level of carbon. It is very tough and will provide optimum hardness with heat treatment. This makes it useful for structural components that take on a high level of stress, such as the gear for landing an aircraft.

Types of Super Alloys

Super alloys are high in mechanical strength and provide superior resistance in the face of very high temperatures. They are also very stable and resist oxidation and corrosion. Bergsen Metals offers the following super alloys:

WASPALOY Alloy Steel

WASPALOY is an austenitic super alloy that is based in nickel. It is age-hardening and was created by the United Technologies Corp. This alloy is often used in severe conditions for shafts, rings, seals, turbine disks, and gas turbine blades.

Nickel Alloy 200 / 400 / 405

Nickel 200 is purely wrought nickel, and it is used for producing sodium hydroxide soap, viscose rayon, and other substances. Nickel 400 is an alloy of nickel and copper used for marine engineering and hydro-carbon and chemical processing. Nickel 405 is much more machinable than 400, and it is used in the chemical, oil, and marine industries.

Nickel Alloy 600 / 625 / 800

Nickel 600, 625, and 800 are all based in nickel and chromium. 600 is used for processing food and chemicals, treating heat, and for other purposes. 625 is used for aircraft components that face severe conditions such as gas turbine blades. 800 is utilized in nuclear power plants and the processing of petroleum and chemicals.

A286 Alloy Steel

A286 is iron-based and age-hardening. Its superior strength makes it useful for springs and fasteners that face high temperatures, cryogenic equipment that is not magnetic, and the components of jet engines.

718 Alloy Steel

718 is a nickel-based alloy that also contains chromium and is precipitation-hardening. It is easy to weld, resists corrosion, and has optimum strength when aged. It can be used for mandrels, fasteners, valves, blow out preventers, completion equipment for well heads, and tubing hangers.

L605 Alloy Steel

L605 is an alloy that is based in cobalt. It remains strong at high temperatures and is often used for heart valves, springs, bearing races and ball bearings, and in combustion chambers and afterburners for gas turbine engines. It does not harden or resist corrosion as well as other super alloys.

X750 Alloy Steel

X750 is nickel and chromium based as well as precipitation-hardening. It is very strong under high temperatures, and in cryogenic temperatures it remains ductile. This super alloy is often used in gas turbines, cryogenic vessels, and fixtures that are heat treated.

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