What Is an ISO Certification?

To ensure quality, consistency, and best-of-breed practices in businesses around the world, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides certifications across industries that ensure standards of quality. It’s important to note that the ISO is not a governmental agency nor an industry specific agency, but an independent agency that operates internationally and provides over 163 national standards bodies.

ISO certifications act as proof that businesses are capable of delivering consistent quality and superior services to customers. For customers, this certification can be an important influencing factor in their choice of business, as each certification ensures a specific set of qualities.

Why is an ISO Certification Important for Customers?

Choosing the right partner or vendor can be tough. Not only do products vary business-to-business, but practices and critical operations can be wildly different depending on which company you choose. For customers, this process is simplified by ISO certification. Not only do you know that you’re choosing a business that has the practices in place to capture certification, but each business that is ISO-certified has standardized quality-control that’s clearly visible.

This operational visibility provides clear proof that businesses have the tools necessary to ensure consistency, quality, and safety. Depending on the certification, these operations can also include customer-centric best practices and product superiority. Customers can also be sure that any business that’s certified has made a commitment to continuous improvement and has established themselves as trade-capable for the many industries that require certification.

Why Should Procurement Managers Work With an ISO-Certified Supplier Like Bergsen?

Here at Bergsen, we are ISO-9001:2015 certified. ISO-9001 certification is a Quality Management System (QMS) designed to ensure that businesses have the procedures, practices, and policies in place to deliver exceptional and continuous customer service and value.

Capturing this certification was mission-critical for us and our vision for the future. We have quality control and optimized customer services baked into our business model, and we guarantee both high-quality products and best-in-class customer service to all of our customers. We know that finding a metals company can be a painstaking process for our customers, and we want to make it clear that we have the tools and products that can help them achieve their goals and meet their needs.

Why ISO Matters

Choosing a business shouldn’t be hinged on guesses and first-glances. Our company has the certifications (ISO:9001, AMS, ASTM, ASME) that prove our excellence across business channels. These certifications demonstrate our aptitude and service capabilities while giving our customers visibility into our procedures.

Don’t settle for second-best. We have the certifications, experience, and product quality to help you complete your next project. If you’re looking for a partner that’s committed to best-of-breed customers service and overall excellence, please contact us.


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